Friday, December 11, 2009

The Individual Farm

Until recently, I never thought twice about the olive oil we use at home. It tastes great.

Today I tasted a teaspoon on it's own and I really liked the flavor. Lush, silky, with an avocado finish. I am no pro, so I wonder what could be better? Then I looked at the large bottle for the expiration date or vintage date and I found neither. Nor is there any mention of the farm or estate, but only that it is organic, EVOO and from Chile. Chile has an ideal climate for growing olives and wine, but the label information can only mean that this oil is not from a single farm. Also, most likely not from carefully handpicked ripe olives. What is the cure?

My next bottle needs to have a vintage date and a name of farm. Unlike wine, olive oil needs to be fresh to be wonderful, similar to a great Champagne. I need to dig deeper!

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  1. With the helpful hand of Bill Sanders (tweet@crushandpress)and closely reviewing the Olave label, it does appear that it is both an estate oil and marked for expiration. It really is good stuff.