Monday, December 21, 2009

Olive oil and cheese

Olive oil can be used as a nice preservative for complimentary foods. But because olive oil should be used at its freshest, the end product should not be stored too long. Olives can also be cured in olive oil to give them a more buttery character instead of a more salt cure process taste. The accompanying picture was taken at the Union Square, Manhattan farmer's market where everything is about being fresh. The label says that the feta is packed in olive oil, not extra virgin or even virgin. This implies that the amount of olive oil may be in question as it can be mixed with other oils as well. The reasoning from the farmer is that extra virgin olive oil would impart to much flavor to the cheese, so using a the mildest olive oil works the best. Sometimes, the olive oil needs to play second fiddle and act as a preserve. The results are stunning!
PS - Olive oil is a natural juice that preserves the taste, aroma, vitamins and other properties of the olive fruit. 


  1. Ciao! Good luck with your blog and your passion.
    I live a little more than half the year in Umbria, where we have divine olive oil (Umbrians will tell you it's the best!)
    Here's two blog posts you might enjoy:

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    I had an Italian cooking instructor explain to me that olive oil is the closest thing to mother's milk!

  2. Thanks Judith! I've been to Umbria many times and love it there. You are so lucky. Nice post on Flavor of Italy. Also loved your November 18th post. It sounded like a lovely day to be picking olives! Mother's milk indeed.