Sunday, January 3, 2010

Going back to Cali

"Happy are those who fear the Lord and walk in His ways. Thy wife: a fruitful vine inside the house. Thy sons: olive plants around the table." - Bible, Psalm 128

I got this bottle of California olive oil from my dear Britte for Christmas. The Marsala brand is produced by the Sciabica family since 1936. The color is a bright canary yellow and fully filtered. The taste is a sweet avocado with smooth, no pepper finish. The label does not indicate a born date or expiry date, so it is hard to know its freshness. Interestingly, the label has a recipe for apple pie cake using no butter. Good for the ticker. A fine oil, but I wonder which of Sciabica's oils are a level up in quality. Also, there is no indication about organic status so I assume that it is not. Went to the their website but there is no revelation on the olive varietals either. Would love to know. Look forward to tasting some of the other lines of Sciabica.

PS: On page 203 of Mort Rosenblum's Olives. Getting psyched to try more Tunisian olive oil!

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