Sunday, January 24, 2010

Olive Oil Suds

"And with the sprig of a fruited olive man is purified in extreme health." - Virgil, Aeneid

There is nothing like taking a refreshing bath. I take one every day. Not a shower, but a deep, relaxing bath. Is this a luxury? Yes it is. Last month Santa brought me some Olive Shower Gel made by The Body Shop. I put a few drops in the tub while the water is running and get lots of tiny sudsy bubbles. The color of the gel is olive green. The scent is mild, not overwhelming, but soothing. The label says "Cleanse and moisturize your skin using a soap-free gel that leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh with a brisk green scent." The part that most interests me is the moisturizing and the fact that there are bubbles yet it is soap free. Instead Glycerin is used to make the lather and add more moisture. The olive's oleic acid helps soften the skin. Also, I like the idea that the oil used comes from community trade organic olive oil. Power to the family farmers! Because I put the gel in the tub, it goes all over my body as well as my hair, which works like a conditioner and leaves a healthy shine. I'm happy!

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