Saturday, January 2, 2010

Italian olives in California moisturizer?

"Fai mi paure, ti fairai riche."
Make me poor, I'll make you rich.

"Espeio mi, ti vestirai."
Strip me, I'll dress you.

"Grate moun ped, ti graisse toun bec."
Scratch my foot, I'll grease your chin.
-Provencal proverbs; the olive tree is speaking

Visiting Berkeley, California last year I brought back home some moisturizer from the bed & breakfast we were staying at. I recently started to use it  and realized that it contains "extracts of Italian olive oil" to guard against the cold/dry weather. Produced by Baronessa Cali I imagined it was made in Cali-fornia. But no, it is made in the outskirts of Rome by the Mediterranean Sea on the Cali Beauty Farm. Their idea is to make skin products that contain olive oil which contains vitamin A, vitamin B, Beta Carotene and squalene. The color of Oliva Corpo is a creamy white with a fresh floral scent. It also contains arnica montana (antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, circulation-stimulating and healing properties, promotes new tissue growth) and kelp (stimulating, revitalizing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces moisture loss). 

I have been using it on my face the past few days and it feels good. Normally I don't use any moisturizer but with this winter weather everyone is getting dry, dry, dry.

PS: On page 174 of Rosenblum's Olives, so nice.

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